Air compressor RA02

Air compressor RA02

The oil-free silent compressor is one of the important combinations in the dental unit package, it is composed of an air compressor motor, air tank, cooling system water discharge system, etc. It provides an air source to the dental unit.

RA02 Air Compressor for two dental units

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Advantages of the dental compressor.

  • Easy maintenance and simple operation
  • Low noise design to reduce noise pollution
  • Internal anti-rust treatment to avoid air pollution by rust, pure oil-free design,
  • The gas is clean and harmless
  • Dental compressors apply the intelligent working mode to prolong the service life of the compressor head.
  • Adopt stainless steel ball design and import key components.
  • Brand motor, stable performance, reliable
  • Automatic start and stop, prevent burnout, ensure safe use, stable use of air pressure
  • Overload protection device to improve the service life of the motor, automatic pressure relief for air pressure overload.
  • Ensure safe use.

dental office compressor

1. The gas tank made of steel material is firm and safe.

2. The intake pipe is made of copper, which is durable and draws out heat.

3. Perfect welding process, coupled with exquisite paint processing technology, meet the process requirements.

4. Install an overcurrent protection switch to protect the compressor.

5. The one-way valve adopts a stainless steel ball design to reduce leakage.

6. The performance of the dental air compressor is stable, and the noise meets the air supply requirements of quiet places.

7. The wire diameter of the copper wire of the power line ensures that it meets the safety standards, with less heat, and is safe and controllable.


  • A copper wire motor creates great power
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Intelligent start system
  • Big cooling fan
  • Aluminum cooling plate

Clean air

  • In-tank coating for rust protection, and provides clean air for instruments
  • Automatic water discharge
  • Automatic water discharge system assures providing dry and clean air for instruments, also works high efficiency
  • .Air cooling & dryer
  • Cooled & dried air to fully meet the high-quality air requirement

Low noise

  • Multiple silencers
  • Silicon rubber shock absorber
  • Silent nylon wheel
  • High-quality silencer with multiple filters
  • Thickness aluminum housing for soundproofing
  • A silicone rubber shock absorber will fix the compressor on the floor
  • Silent nylon wheel for moving the compressor easily



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