Medical Examination Light

Medical Examination Light

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Medical Examination Light

It adopts 36 brand 3W LED bulbs as the light source, with adjustable high brightness, the lighting depth can reach 200mm. The product is mainly composed of lamp holder, spring arm and ceiling bracket.

The diameter of lamp panel is 500mm, larger than the ordinary examination light, smaller than traditional LED shadowless lamp.Ceiling installation,double handle design, adjust light spot by the center handle. Make up for short lighting depth and low illumination of the examination lamp, and the expensive of traditional LED shadowless light.

This product adopts wide voltage input, low voltage output power supply, stable and reliable performance; High-quality spring arm, positioning accuracy, no displacement.

Suitable for clinic operation,dental implant, plastic surgery,pet medical,and so on.

1.Voltage:AC90~240V 50-60Hz

2.Input power:≤120VA

3.Bulb power:LED 36*3W

4.Color temperature:4000~5000K

5.Life of bulb:50000h

6.Work distance:1000mm

7.Central illumination:≥90000Lux*2

8.Spot diameter:120~240mm

9.Lignting depth:200mm

10.Size of lamp holder:500mm


12.Installation height:2800-3200mm

13.Package dimension:1060×760×440mm

14.Packaging material:Composite wooden


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