dental x-ray digital sensors


dental x-ray digital sensors

  • Instant picture above
  • Digital storage
  • 50000+ imaging
  • No dental tablet required
  • Low maintenance cost
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dental xray sensor

The digital intraoral dental sensor is currently the most cost-effective dental x-ray digital sensors on the market. For the first time, photon counting X-ray and detector technology are applied in the field of dental imaging, which improves product performance and reduces the price of the product.

Diversified design, to meet poor clinical needs; and supporting PC terminal, wireless mobile, convenient for doctors to read pictures and feedback information on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and create a productive diagnosis and treatment environment for dentists and patients.


Compatible with almost all brands of X-ray machines on the market
Photon counting detector technology originates from the field of high energy physics and is recognized
The next X-ray imaging technology. dental x-ray digital sensors first
Mass production of photon-counting X-ray detectors has been achieved, and
applied to the field of dental imaging.

Filmless Digital Dental Imaging:

  • Instant picture above
  • Digital storage
  • 50000+ imaging
  • No dental tablet required
  • Low maintenance cost

Digital Dental X-ray Sensor Specification:

Product Name Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
Product Model XVS2121
Operating Voltage 5VDC
Input power 500mW
Spatial Resolution ≥7Lp/mm
Low contrast resolution Able to display holes with 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm diameter on the 0.5mm-thick aluminium foil, Image uniformity ≤2%
Effective image area 20.16*20.16mm
Sensor Size 26.5mm×32mm×11.7mm
Adaptor Size 60mm×40mm×29.2mm
Total Cable Length 3 m (sensor cable + control box cable to PC)


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