Dental Brushless micromotor

Dental Brushless micromotor

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Dental Brushless micromotor,Both high and low speeds, they offer increased working comfort, and their high torque can handle the most complex implant placement procedures.

Depending on the desired speed, the power is continuously adjusted to provide the best results. This is thanks to smart logic technology. To meet the needs of users: the non-self-cooling type is used for implant surgery, and the self-cooling type is used for implant surgery and oral surgery.

Finally, the micro-motors are equipped with adjustable LED lighting to provide strong, natural and continuous light to the contra-angle at both high and low speeds.

  • Optional multiple foot controller,free your hands
  • Speed Variable
  • Contoller
  • Magnetic Variable Controller
  • Electronic Variable Controller
  • Foot Pedal
  • Classic Foot Controller
  • Elegant “Butterly Controller

Dental Brushless micromotor

How do brushless micromotors work?

How do Dental Brushless micromotor work,A brushless micromotor consists of a rotor and a stator. Unlike brushed micromotors, the rotor consists of permanent magnets, while the coils are mounted on the stator.

In carbon brush micromotors, the mechanical switching function achieved by the combination of carbon brushes and collectors is replaced by complex electronic drives that were only possible with the development of high-speed and powerful microprocessors.

AC 110/220V, 50-60Hz
0-32V, 65W
Hand/foot control
Weight of controller
Housing Material
Engineering Plastic
Max torque
Non-load noise

what should we pay attention to

1. Do not rotate the motor when a bur is not mounted in the chuck.
2. Use recommended accessories.
3. Do not allow any impact on to the Product. Do not drop the Product.
4. Do not lubricate the bearings.
5. Do not use in an area where children may be present.
6. Keep work area clean.
7. Do not overload the machine.
8. Reduce the rise of unintentional starting.
9. Make sure the rated voltage.
10. Do not touch with your hands after starting.
11. Care should be taken not to place the Product near water and fire.
12. Always wear protection glasses, avoid getting dust into eyes.
13. If the bur became depleted, please replace it immediately.
14. After operating, immediately turn off the power switch.
Remove the power cord if the controller is not to be used for a long time.
We offer 1 Year warranty for controller and handpiece.(Not incl. chuck,
spindle, bearings)
We warrants its products to the original purchaser against defects in
material and workmanship under normal practices of installation.


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