X-ray sensor HDR-500

X-ray sensor HDR-500

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Dental X-ray sensors for efficient imaging.

It only takes a few seconds, and the image is immediately imaged, maximizing the timeliness of the diagnosis process.

High recognition of details, suitable for dental X-ray sensor machines with low X-ray dose, high-resolution images with the highest grayscale value for the early diagnosis of the smallest defects or internal top infections, and the actual resolution can reach 16~20p/ mm.

More high-tech combination, CMOS chip, matching industrial-grade microfiber panel, high-efficiency, high-resolution X-ray conversion technology. Coupled with advanced AD guidance technology to restore the image of real teeth, the image is clearer and more delicate, and the most subtle apical bifurcation can be easily found.


Feature of x ray sensor dental digital:

1.Multi-languages with 10 types

2.Operation system: desk top & laptop (Windows 2000, XP, Win 7, Win 8,Win 10)

3.Twain driver: our RVG compatible with KODAK, SCHICK, etc.

4.Power :USB 2.0 interface

5.Excellent quality: our sensor material imported from Germany and Japan , best quality standards.

6.New APS CMOS sensor with long life time (400,000 times).

Technical Specifications:

Sensor   APS CMOS sensor

External dimension (mm)  40×26(HDR-500)

Sensor Active Area  30×22.5(HDR-500)

Sensor Thickness   6mm

Dynamic Range   0~4,096

Power   5V±0.5V

Image Transfer   USB2.0

Cable Length   ≥ 3m

Packing list:

  1. Manual 1pcs
    2. CD 1pcs
    3. X-Ray Sensor and Control Box 1pcs
    4. Holder 1pcs
    5. Sleeves 1 bag

Packing information:

Carton size:47*38*14cm

Technical Specifications:

Sensor APS CMOS sensor
External dimension (mm) 44×32(HDR-600) ; 40×26(HDR-500)
Sensor Active Area 36×27(HDR-600) ; 30×22.5(HDR-500)
Sensor Thickness 6mm
Dynamic Range 0~4,096
Power 5V±0.5V
Image Transfer USB2.0
Cable Length ≥ 3m


Operating conditions:

Environment Temperature :  +10℃~+40℃
Environment relative humidity : ≤95%;
Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;
Transport and Storage conditions:
Environment Temperature: -25℃~+60℃;
Environment relative humidity : 10%~93%;
Air pressure : 860hPa~1060hPa;




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