Dental handpiece


Dental handpiece

Micro head design improves visibility.

Precision gear design, stable performance at work, be quiet while working.

Convenient disassembly motor, easy to clean and disinfect.

Lightweight design, easy operation.

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How to sterilize dental handpieces

In dental clinics, dental handpieces are the most frequently used dental instruments, and there are many types and complex structures of dental handpieces. There are many internal pipelines and cavities in the handpiece.

During use, the patient’s blood, saliva and various debris will splash and contaminate the dental handpiece, and will enter the interior of the dental handpiece. At the same time, the negative pressure generated when the operation is stopped also It sucks blood, saliva, and debris back into it.

If the high speed handpiece and slow speed handpiece are not cleaned thoroughly, the dirt remaining in the cavity, crevices, etc. of the electric dental handpiece will become solid dirt after high temperature sterilization and adhere to the inner wall of the lumen, bearings and balls, etc., which not only It will affect the performance and life of the dental handpiece, and it will also affect the sterilization effect and become an important medium for cross-infection.

Therefore, the cleaning quality of the electric dental handpiece plays a very important role in ensuring medical safety, improving the performance of the Roson handpiece, and reducing costs.

1. Remove the handpiece from the quick connector or cable and remove the bur.

2. Put the dental handpieces into the mechanical cleaning equipment, fix the dental handpiece, and select the correct cleaning procedure. The mechanical cleaning equipment should be equipped with a special interface for the dental handpiece, and its cleaning water flow and air flow conform to the internal structure of the dental handpiece. Ultrasonic cleaning should not be used for dental handpieces.

3. Take the cleaned handpiece out of the cleaning machine and dry the inside of it with a pressure air gun.

4. Connect the electric handpiece to the matching oil filling adapter or connector and insert it into the automatic oil filling and maintenance machine for oil filling. Select the appropriate oil injection program.

5. Package the electric dental handpiece after oil filling.

6. Autoclave the dental handpieces.

when cleaning a dental handpiece it is important to

The dental handpiece enters directly into the patient’s mouth and is in close contact with saliva, blood, crevicular fluid and plaque in the mouth. When the mobile phone stops rotating, the air at the head of the mobile phone is in a state of negative pressure.

This negative pressure can cause the saliva, blood, microorganisms, cutting debris and other pollutants in the patient’s mouth to be sucked back into the dead corners and water and gas pipes inside the mobile phone.

If the cleaning is not clean, the blood scale, oil scale and other dirt remaining in the inner lumen ,and crevice of the mobile phone are more likely to form a biofilm after high temperature ,and high pressure sterilization, thereby preventing the effective contact between microorganisms and gas, resulting in sterilization failure.

Ergonomic, one-piece head, stable and reliable function

There is no high-pressure airflow under the handpiece, the cooling effect of the water column is good, and the rotation speed is stable. It is suitable for minimally invasive extraction of any tooth, especially when the deep part of the impacted tooth is deboned, cut, and separated.



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