Dental Suction System

Dental Suction System

Electric dental suction system, no water consumption, easy to operate, perfect suction

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Dental negative pressure suction system, meet quality life unexpectedly!

The role of dental negative pressure suction system: Generally, large-scale dental hospitals and dental clinics need to be equipped with a separate negative pressure suction system, which can provide suction force for the strong and weak suction heads of the dental comprehensive treatment machine at any time, and solve the problem of oral retention during patient treatment.

Saliva and therapeutic mist water protect the clean air of the dental room and reduce the infection rate of dentists.

dental suction system

Dental Suction System’s Advantages

  • Portable dental suction efficient separation,Compact structure,Low use-cost,don’t need any other traditional system’s working cost—as water pump,don’t need instal separation system in the dental unit,Separation system and vacuum pump is connected in the same central driving sharft,Let air and liquid separate in the small room.
  • dental suction machine innovative two stage separation system,Innovative two stage separation system,have higher foam tolerance,ensure out-air without any water,avoid pump damage.
  • dental suction system has strong Power,Offer the constant suction power for treatment.Adopt width voltage and double frequence,motor with protection leve IP55(insulation grade F) as drive,accomplish turbine circulation suction power,lower noise, higher pressure,larger flowing. 
  • long use-life time,and also separation system adopt high grade engineering plastics,corrosion resistance.
  • Bulit-in auxiliary air valve,not only regulate suction power of system,Oral suction stool but also ensure inside cooling of pump.

    How to use dental suction system.

    Research has shown that dental office employees inhale airborne particulates within 15 minutes. The total amount is equivalent to 0.12ul. Bacteria-laden fog clouds formed by high-speed rotating instruments expand rapidly To the entire clinic, this poses a high infection threat to everyone in the clinic. therefore The clinic is equipped with a dental suction system without delay!

  • The motor with insulation class F is used as the power to realize the vortex circulation suction force, with lower noise and larger flow. Provides uninterrupted suction for clinical treatment.
  • The suction force is stable and the vibration is small. The special auxiliary air valve ensures the stable suction force and sufficient internal cooling.
  • Removable filter screen, quick-disassemble solid particle filter screen, easy to clean and maintain. Exquisite design craftsmanship, every detail shows quality.

Dental suction tips.

1. Intelligent control, built-in frequency converter, stable operation, adjustable power, energy saving and environmental protection

2. Specially designed for oral cavity and dental clinic, more in line with matching dental chair for oral condensation treatment

3. Humanized settings, the suction strength can be adjusted according to personal needs or the number of dental chairs

4. More economical and environmentally friendly, less water consumption, equivalent to the weak water consumption of a dental treatment table

5. Maintenance-free, high-speed ratio can directly crush fine particles, automatic sewage discharge, automatic cleaning


External Oral Aerosol Suction Medical Person Guardian, Droplet & Aerosol Terminator, Dental Clinic Restoration Artifact.Strong Suction Power with 3-step Disinfection.
Medical Person Guardian: High volumes of droplets & aerosols are produced by handpiece & ultrasonic Scaler during the treatment. It serious affect the Medical person & patient ‘s health.
Droplet & Aeroslo Terminator: External Oral Aerosol Suction can offer the high air flow’s suction power, Accomplish the zero spatter of local area,Cut off the pollution sources, it can effective avoid the corss infection
Dental Clinic Restoration Artifact: Efficient Filter,UV-C & Plasma sterilization, HEPA Filter , it effective avoid the aire corss infection.
Humanity Desgin:Multi angle & Flexible arm, it can run up to every angle in the treatment
Multifunctions with perfect combination :The tip with multifunctions desgin, 134°C sterilization, easy assemble & disassemble


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