Air compressors RA06

Air compressors RA06

,Most suitable for intermediate practice dental air compressor ,oil-free dental air compressor, with reliable quality and exquisite design, is an air compressor suitable for intermediate practice customers. It can be used for 4 dental chairs at the same time.

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Why install an air compressor in comprehensive dental treatment

The main function of the dental air compressor is to provide power for the control of dental equipment and treatment machines such as water/air spray guns, turbine handpieces, sandblasting machines, etc. to ensure continuous and reliable surgical operations.

When choosing an air compressor for sale, stability is the most important factor. With a good dental compressor working reliably behind the scenes, healthcare workers can focus on their treatment.

Dental air compressors must be clean and hygienic, so air humidity must be kept to a minimum and contamination by oily or solid particles must be completely avoided, as these impurities will threaten the life of high-quality dental materials, as well as the function of precision instruments, for patients The specified hygienic and sterile conditions must also be met.

The dryer equipped with the air compressor can not only ensure stable dryness but also ensure continuous operation without interruption without the performance of regeneration time. Air contaminated with moisture, oil, and small particles is not suitable for dental treatment. The lower pressure dew point of the air compressor ensures high-quality, odorless, and tasteless compressed air.

portable air compressors belong to medical devices, and professional air compressor parts manufacturers generally pass the ISO medical device quality management system certification

1. Compact appearance structure, simple and practical, almost no maintenance

2. The perfect silencing device and mute system provide the most comfortable environment for diagnosis and treatment;

3. Double motor design, fast gas supply, stable performance

4. On the one hand, it can prevent corrosion and rust, on the other hand, it can provide a stable and safe air supply for dental surgery, thus reducing the risk of contact with harmful bacteria and pathogens.

5. The permanently dry system helps remove 98% of the moisture and absorbs excess moisture through the automatic dehumidification function. This means you spend less time cleaning and more time dealing with patient care. By choosing high-quality air compressors, you will be able to provide safe and hygienic service for dental patients. Roson brand air compressor is worthy of your trust.

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