Operation Video

KTL 6220 A3/A3L

KLT 6220 A3 Operation

Four foot controls

One key switch

Right arm handle

Dentist’s chair operation

Dental Light Use

 Water supply and output adjustment

Water bottle installation

spittoon swivel

Cabinet rotation

Anti-collision dental chair

Assistant frame strong and weak suction

Water heater switch operation

handpiece hanger angle adjustment

handpiece operation

Operation of the built-in scaler

Operation of electric motors

Timing alarm clock setting operation

Water supply time setting

Sensor water supply switch setting

memory seat setting

Dental chair one-key rinse

Dental chair one-button reset

Chinese and English interface switching

KLT 6220 S9

Operating the Dental Light

Instrument tray function use

S9 Handpiece operation adjustment

 Four-foot controls

spittoon swivel

Water supply volume adjustment

Anti-collision dental chair

Water storage bottle water source conversion

KLT 6210 N1

Dental Light Operation

Instrument Tray Operation

Water source switch

Operation of 3-ways syringe and handpiece

KLT 6210 N2+

Dental Light Operation

Operation of 3-ways syringe and handpiece

water source conversion

Main control panel operation

KLT 6210 S3

Dental Light Operation

Instrument tray operation

Operation and use of handpiece

Water bottle installation and water source conversion

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