dental air compressor RA03

dental air compressor RA03

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air compressor

Dental Air compressor.For dentist’s excellence

  • two motors, providing enough power for three dental chairs, low heat production, consistent strong airflow, and stable performance
  • An air drying system, which can remove most of the moisture in the air.
  • The fuel tank has been thoroughly powder sprayed to form an antibacterial surface area, which can prevent patients and staff from contact with harmful bacteria, so as to prevent the spread of disease.
  • The one-way valve is made of ultra-high quality material, with no air leakage, and the dental air compressor into the tank is smoother, which improves the overall smoothness of work.
  • Roson’s dental air compressor has more than 16 years of production experience, a high-quality, portable air compressor,
  • which help dentists in the dental industry have enough confidence. Let the dentist really devote himself to the treatment, and make the patient feel at ease and at ease.

Do you know what equipment is required in a dental office?

1. Dental chair unit

2. Oil-free dental air compressor

3. Dental autoclave high-temperature steam sterilizer

4. Dental X-ray machine

5. Root canal length measuring instrument

6. Ultrasonic tooth scaler

7. Spray tooth cleaner

8. Dental curing light machine

9. Electric stove, aluminum pot for cooking teeth, portable press

10. Mechanic Micro Grinder

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