Portable suction unit


Portable suction unit

The main engine adopts a new generation of oil-free and high-efficiency

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Movable electric suction device

Portable suction unit adopt oil-free lubrication piston pump, no oil pollution, all-plastic panel, good waterproof and turbidity, low noise, large flow, manual and foot switches are optional, and the operation is simple.

It is also equipped with an overflow device to prevent the liquid from flowing into the pump and effectively control the rust of the pump. Negative pressure regulation system can be stepless pressure regulation according to need.

How to set up suction unit

Power supply, foot switch dual-purpose.
Electric sputum suction H002 adopts power switch
and foot switch two ways, foot switch
With the power connected, press lightly with your foot

The hospital-specific electric suction device

Portable suction dental unit is a high negative pressure, high flow, mobile medical suction device;
Adopt oil-free lubricated piston pump, high pumping rate, no oil mist pollution,
The pump body does not require daily maintenance and maintenance.
Hospital special electric suction device

product description
1. Adopt large flow oil-free lubricating vacuum pump, high pumping rate, no oil mist pollution,
The pump body does not require daily maintenance and maintenance.
2. The large-caliber liquid storage bottle is equipped with a bottle stopper with a sealing ring, which is convenient for users to open a store and close the bottle stopper.
It is easy to remove the contamination from the bottle.
3. There is an overflow protection device to prevent liquid from entering the intermediate pipeline and the pump.
4. The transparent non-toxic PVC suction hose is used to facilitate the observation of the liquid in the tube during suction.
5. The equipped air filter can prevent the negative pressure pump from being polluted.
6. The whole machine works smoothly, with low noise and long service life.


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