1. Fashional hexagonal design
2. 8 lamps with Phillip lamp beads
3. Induction and manual operation ways to meet different usage habits.
4. White light, yellow light, white&yellow light available for usage
5. The light curing mode filters out blue light and prevents the resin from curing in advance.

Power Consumption:25W
Light Intensity :8000lux-15000-25000-35000lux
Pattern Size:85*160mm@700mm
Color Temperature :4000-4800-5300k
Eye intensity:<200lux
Operating method :sensor
Sensor distance :20-80mm
Net weight:2kg

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The dental light is designed not only to meet the highest standards of functionality and performance but also to elevate the dental practice environment with its modern design and multifaceted lighting capabilities.

1. Fashional Hexagonal Design: Our dental light boasts a sleek and modern hexagonal design, crafted with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Its unique shape not only adds a touch of sophistication to the dental operatory but also ensures optimal lighting coverage during procedures.

2. Eight Lamps with Phillips Lamp Beads: Equipped with eight high-quality Philips lamp beads, this lighting system delivers superior illumination for enhanced visibility during dental treatments. The use of trusted Philips technology ensures reliability and long-lasting performance.

3. Induction and Manual Operation: Catering to diverse usage preferences, our dental light offers both induction and manual operation modes. This versatility allows practitioners to choose their preferred method of control, ensuring comfort and ease of use.

4. Variable Light Options: With the capability to emit white light, yellow light, or a combination of white and yellow light, our dental light provides flexibility for various procedures. Users can select the most suitable light mode to suit specific treatment requirements or patient comfort.

5. Advanced Light Curing Mode: Featuring an advanced light curing mode, our dental light filters out harmful blue light, preventing premature curing of resin materials. This feature ensures precise curing control, allowing dental professionals to work efficiently without the risk of resin curing before intended placement.



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