LED dental light RV008


LED dental light RV008

Power Consumption:9W
Light Intensity :min≤7000lux,max≥32000lux
Pattern Size:80*160mm@700mm
Color Temperature :4500k
Ra :≥90%
Shadowless solution:<φ11m
Eye intensity:<200lux
Operating method :sensor
Sensor distance :20-80mm
Net weight:1.46kg

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Install on the dental unit to provide the light source. High power LED light is more concentrate to the oral cavity while they are no uncomfortable light to the patient’s eyes. They are also good to the health of the dentist work long hours under the light.

The High Power LED Dental Light. Engineered with precision and patient comfort in mind, this cutting-edge dental light is designed to revolutionize the dental experience for both practitioners and patients alike.

1. Concentrated Illumination and Comfort: Our high-power LED light delivers focused illumination precisely to the oral cavity, ensuring optimal visibility for dental procedures without causing any discomfort to the patient’s eyes. Moreover, it significantly contributes to the well-being of dental professionals, reducing strain during long hours of work under the light.

2. Advanced Blue Ray Cut-off Function: Addressing a crucial concern in dental procedures, our dental light features a specialized blue ray cut-off function. This innovative technology effectively resolves the resin cure issue, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of dental treatments. By mitigating potential complications, it ensures reliable and precise resin curing, elevating the standard of dental care.

Main Features:

Precise and concentrated LED illumination for superior visibility.
Comfortable for patients, minimizing glare and discomfort.
Promotes the well-being of dental professionals during extended work hours.
Blue ray cut-off function resolves resin cure issues for accurate treatments.
Designed to elevate the efficiency and precision of dental procedures.
With our High Power LED Dental Light, we’re committed to enhancing both the dental treatment experience and the effectiveness of dental professionals, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.


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