LED dental light RV005


LED dental light RV005

Input voltage:AC12V-24V
Power: 16VA
Illumination: min≤7000lux,max≥38000lux
Color temperature: 4000-5700K
Color rendering index:>90%
Operating method:sensor or touch
Interaction range:20-80mm
Net weight:1.64kg

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Install on the dental unit to provide the light source. High power LED light is more concentrate to the oral cavity while they are no uncomfortable light to the patient’s eyes. They are also good to the health of the dentist work long hours under the light.

1. Adjustable Handle Angle for Personalized Comfort: Our dental light prioritizes user comfort and adaptability by offering an adjustable handle angle feature. Users can conveniently adjust the handle to their preferred position by pressing a button to insert or remove the handle. Moreover, by simply rotating the handle to 60-degree increments or multiples thereof after removal, users can achieve different handle angles, catering to individual preferences and ergonomic needs during procedures.

2. Convenient Induction Switch for Seamless Operation: Equipped with an induction switch, our operating light ensures effortless functionality. This feature streamlines the operation of the light, allowing users to control it conveniently without manual switches or buttons. The induction switch simplifies the workflow, providing ease of use for dental professionals during treatments.

This dental light’s emphasis on personalized handle adjustments and the inclusion of an induction switch reflects our commitment to user convenience, ergonomic design, and seamless operation during dental procedures.


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