Dental headlight

Dental headlight

Good spot convergence, high power, ultra-high brightness ENT products Brightness adjustable

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dental headlight

Wireless dental headlight

This dental headlight uses 3W high-brightness LED light as the light source, which is mainly composed of lamp holder, head cover, power bank, and charger.
The led headlight for dental loupes adopts the integrated design of lamp and power supply, and is equipped with dual power supplies, which is simple, fast and guaranteed to replace.

The product adopts low-voltage output cold light lighting design in the design, with safe and stable performance and long life.
After the optical structure design of the product, a clear and obvious light spot is obtained, and the light distribution in the spot is uniform and bright.

Widely used in local lighting for ENT, oral diagnosis and treatment, micro plastic surgery, pet surgery.

Ultralight Portable Headlamp

The dental headlamp is compact and simple, suitable for oral examination, life beauty, ENT, pet medical and other inspections, with good light spot convergence.

dental light is deep lighting depth.

high power.

and ultra-high brightness ENT products Brightness and spot size are adjustable.


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