LED curing light G


LED curing light G

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 24V-50Hz/60Hz
Applied Part: Optical Fiber
Light Source: Blue Light
Wavelength: 385-515nm
Light Intensity: 1000mW/cm²-2500mW/cm²


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Introducing the LED Curing Light – a cutting-edge dental tool designed for efficient and precise teeth whitening and restoration processes. With three versatile working modes (Full, Ramping, Pulse) and a 10-second working time, this device is tailored to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals.

Principle and Usage:
Ray Radiation Solidification: The LED G Curing Light utilizes the principle of ray radiation to rapidly solidify light-sensitive resin. By directing a focused beam of blue light, the device ensures a swift and effective curing process.

Teeth Whitening and Restoration: This curing light is specifically engineered to restore and solidify materials used in the teeth-whitening process. Its advanced technology facilitates the quick and reliable curing of dental materials, ensuring optimal results.

Key Features:
Versatile Working Modes: Choose between Full, Ramping, and Pulse modes to adapt the curing process to different dental procedures.
Swift Operation: With a 10-second working time, this LED curing light streamlines dental procedures, ensuring efficiency and patient comfort.
Optical Fiber Connection: The applied part features an optical fiber connection, enhancing precision and maneuverability during dental applications.
Seamless Integration: Easily seal and connect the LED curing light to the dental chair for a seamless and ergonomic user experience.

Efficiency: Reduce procedure times with the quick and effective curing capabilities of this LED light.
Precision: The optical fiber connection ensures precise application, allowing for targeted and accurate dental work.
Adaptability: Choose the working mode that best suits each specific dental procedure, providing flexibility and customization.
The LED Curing Light is not just a tool; it’s a reliable partner for dental professionals, offering advanced features to enhance the overall dental experience for both practitioners and patients alike.


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