Dental Simulation Practice System

Dental Simulation Practice System

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Dental Simple Simulator Manikin Phantom Head for Teeth Training

Simple but very effective tool for office training, self-education or dental conference presentations. This compact system is easy to carry, has a small installation space, and can be easily installed on any workbench. The DP articulator connected to the jaw model can fix the opening position without any additional parts. Use worry-free. portable.
Pursue the ultimate usability and innovate. In addition to its outstanding functions, it also allows teachers and students to prepare easily and quickly before class. Very suitable for displaying product demonstrations. 

1.Small and light economical simulator
2.The unique quick installation and disassembly mechanism can realize the simplest and fastest bite inspection and classification.
3.Stainless steel bracket, firm and stable
4.The head can be adjusted up and down, left and right multi-angle adjustment
5.The buccal skin and gums can be replaced, and a number of clinical operation exercises can be performed
6.It can be connected to most desks using the included desktop mounting bracket
7.The training environment is different. Provide a variety of component options to meet your specifications. Please select any parts combined with Phantom Head.
8.By reducing the number of parts, the total weight is reduced. Each part and the entire product are designed to be as simple as possible, with a smooth surface.
9.The ball joint rotates 360 degrees, which can be set freely according to the position relationship between the head and the trainee.

Electrical Dental Simulation Practice System Double Manikin Phantom Heads for Clinical Teching Simulation Unit.

This Simulation Practice System product can be used for multimedia teaching and compression restoration, and is a necessary equipment for dental hospitals and laboratories. It has the advantages of sturdy structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and high reliability. It is an ideal upgrade product for modern dental clinics. In this environment, students can understand and master clinical operation techniques as early as possible, and it is also helpful to be familiar with the clinical teaching environment. Effective combination of professional theoretical teaching, experimental teaching and clinical teaching. This is also conducive to students to improve their enthusiasm and interest in professional learning, strengthen theoretical knowledge, and cultivate students’ stomatology clinical thinking ability.

1. It is used for educational programs and practical work and student experience training in dental schools.

2. We provide you with a wide range of virtual head models. They can naturally simulate workflows in all areas of dentistry and dental technology. This enables the trainees to work very close to actual conditions.

3. Absolutely close to reality, simple operation, modular design, few single pieces and low maintenance requirements.

4. The inherent flexibility of the Phantom Head allows each workstation to be individually designed-according to the training objectives at hand-and subsequently added.

5. There is only one thing that is closer to reality than our phantom head, jaw and tooth model, and ribbon crown, and that is the real thing itself

6. The mask frame is built into the head, and the disassembly and installation of the rubber mask can be completed in a short time without any problems.

Electrical Oral Simulation Practice System Clinical Teching Simulation Unit Dental Training Simulator.

This model can meet your needs well, easy to configure, fast adjustment and truly economical maintenance. With its many advantages, it represents the best entry-level investment in dental education equipment you can get. The learning environment dentistry teaching unit plays an important role in pre-clinical education. Understand that teaching concepts, local practices and infrastructure conditions are rarely the same, and provide solutions or dental training units that suit your individual needs.

Every path to a successful career begins with the first few steps. With the help of this double-head mold (dental simulation equipment), students can start their dental education wisely and experience superior advantages from the very beginning.

1. Designed for undergraduate and graduate courses, used for demonstrations and practical exercises in a real environment.

2. It is also an ideal choice for universities, institutions and dental clinics.

3. The suit is composed of Phantom headband, torso belt and chair belt

4. It can be used with existing dental chairs in training institutions, which is a more economical choice compared with expensive simulator systems

5. The torso can be fixed on most dental chairs

6. The simple mannequin with articulator can be easily and quickly disassembled and installed on the head mold.

7. The structure is compact, easy to install, and can be fixed on the table in time, which basically meets the needs of oral teaching practice courses in various disciplines.



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