Dental light RV001


Dental light RV001

Voltage: AC12V-24V
Power Consumption:2-10W
Light Intensity:min≤7000lux,max≥42000lux
Pattern Size:80*160
Color Temperature;5000K
Shadowless solution:<φ10mm
Eye intensity:<200lux
Operating method:Sensor or Touch
Sensor distance:20-80mm
Net weight: 1.45kg

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Install on the dental unit to provide the light source. High power LED light is more concentrate to the oral cavity while they are no uncomfortable light to the patient’s eyes. They are also good to the health of the dentist work long hours under the light.

Our dental light is designed to revolutionize the dental workspace, combining innovative features and advanced functionalities to optimize patient communication, procedural precision, and practitioner convenience.

1. Smart Oval Design: Our dental light is meticulously crafted with a smart oval design, combining aesthetics with functionality. Its contemporary shape not only adds a touch of elegance to the dental environment but also ensures efficient and effective lighting.

2. Patented Special Included Angle Design: Featuring a patented design with a special included angle, our dental light facilitates enhanced communication between patients and dentists. This innovative angle ensures patients have clear visibility of the mirror during procedures, fostering better interaction and understanding.

3. Shadowless Effect with Six Lens Distribution: The strategic arrangement of six lenses within our dental light ensures exceptional shadowless illumination. This design optimizes the distribution of light, providing a well-lit working area for precise dental procedures.

4. Foldable Patented Mirror Design: Our dental light incorporates a foldable mirror design, patented for its functionality. This innovative feature enables seamless communication between patients and dentists during procedures, allowing for better visual interaction and patient comfort.

5. Dismountable Hygienic Handles: For enhanced hygiene and convenience, our dental light is equipped with dismountable handles. This feature allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic environment in the dental operatory.

6. Flexible Light Position Adjustment: Offering flexibility in use, our dental light allows for easy and flexible adjustment of the light position. This adaptability ensures optimal lighting angles for different procedures, accommodating various treatment needs.


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