Disinfection dental chair KLT-6220 S6


Disinfection dental chair KLT-6220 S6

disinfection dental chair, one-button intelligence, precise and efficient

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S6 disinfection dental chair, safe and intelligent, one-key disinfection, empowers waterway safety.

  • The dental chair price is All-round coverage, handpiece tube, three-purpose gun, scaler tube, mouthwash pipe and water inlet, completely decompose the biofilm tissue in the pipe.
  • And at the same time eliminate the bacteria and viruses carried by the biofilm, ensuring that the water quality always meets the regulatory requirements.
  • One-button automatic flushing:
  • Before the start of the daily diagnosis and treatment, rinse the water outlet of the diagnosis and treatment water for at least 30 seconds;
  • After each diagnosis and treatment, rinse the waterway connected to the oral equipment for at least 30 seconds, which meets the requirements for daily maintenance of the dental unit waterway.
  • Anti-suction device:
  • prevent the water or other media in the instrument from returning to the dental chair price pipeline due to reverse flow.
  • Drainage system:
  • Whether it is automatic pipe disinfection or one-button automatic pipe flushing, the position of the chair will automatically rise to the highest position, completely draining the accumulated water in the pipe, preventing the growth of bacteria and odors after the dirt remains.
  • The outer tube of the instrument tube:
  • the pipeline connecting the oral instruments is in direct contact with the ground to prevent the outer tube from being polluted by friction with the floor of the clinic.

Highly intelligent disinfection program: one-key disinfection, accurate and efficient

  • The medium in the pipe is rinsed with clean water for 2 minutes to start disinfection, which will achieve the highest effect of pipe disinfection.
  • Automatically inject disinfectant water into all oral water pipes, and automatically rinse, saving time and effort.
  • Sterilized water is soaked in the pipeline for 19 minutes and 30 seconds to completely decompose the biofilm tissue in the pipeline.
  • Automatically flush the residual disinfectant in the pipeline for 2 minutes ,and 30 seconds to ensure the safety of the water used for diagnosis and treatment on the human body and the life of the dental chair unit.

Comfortable dental treatment experience

  • Heavy-duty hydroformed backrest and seat frame, dental chair price gives patients the first sense of security.
  • The ergonomic chair cushion keeps the patient in the most comfortable position at all times. This ensures a more focused and efficient operation by the dentist.
  • Dental chair unit S6 is control system of slowly rising or slowly pausing is adopted to eliminate the patient’s frustration caused by the running of the chair.

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