Hot sale dental unit S3


Hot sale dental unit S3

Three choices, free to mix and match, as you like:

Dental unit can be selected individually.

Dental chairs with mobile cart.

Dental chair with mobile cart, surgical light.

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Which dental chair is worth to buy?

roson’s dental chair, your best choice
This is our best-selling model and has been well received by customers.

  • Fast and efficient.
  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Reliable quality.
  • precise action.
  • Easy to operate.

Choose S3 to minimize the tension and fatigue of the dentist.

Whether it’s an upgraded dental chair or a newly opened dental office, trust roson. to be your best choice.

The perfect combination of four-handed operation:

The assistant unit with a wide range of rotation and the compact design of the assistant plus provide an optimized four-hand operating space, allowing the nurse to more easily access the patient and closely cooperate with the dentist’s operation.

Cart models:
The height adjustment range of the electric lift trolley is 650-850mm, and it is equipped with brake mute wheels.

Hanging style:
The upper hanging type provides a spacious treatment range for four-hand operation, and the maximum stretching distance of the device can reach 88CM.
Comfortable diagnosis and treatment posture:
The lowest position of the S3 dental chair can be adjusted to 380MM, which is convenient for the elderly and children.

Fast and efficient:
Dental industry-leading design that quickly helps dentists be more efficient.
The safe machine and chair interlock function to prevent medical accidents due to accidental button touches.

Comfortable wrap and flexible legroom:

  • Generous elbow support and a comfortable wrap allow patients to enjoy a comfortable diagnosis and treatment process.
  • Flexible leg room allows dentists and nurses to easily approach the treatment area, allowing for more flexible leg movement, allowing nurses to work more efficiently with dentists.

Flexible and comfortable doctor chair:

  • Seat lift, backrest lift, backrest pitch adjustment in six directions, flexible and silent casters.
  • The chair surface designed according to the human body curve completely fits the back and buttocks, and the concave design on both sides ensures the relaxation of the muscles of the doctor’s thighs and the blood circulation.

PU upholstery


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