dental turbine

dental turbine

Simple operation and easy to carry

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Portable Dental Turbine description

The main unit (two holes, four holes), bottle, pedal, handpiece tube, and three-purpose gun are all matched
After this dental turbine unit is connected to the air pump and the handpiece, the high-speed handpiece will adjust the air pressure to 0.22-0.25,
The low-speed handpiece can be adjusted to 0.3-0.32 to work, the operation is simple, and it is easy to carry.

Dental turbines play a very important role in tooth extraction, and the following issues should be paid attention to during application.

(1) When extracting teeth, select the appropriate handpiece, drill, and corner handpiece for posterior teeth according to different tooth positions.

(2) Due to the heat generated by the rotation of the turbine, the temperature of the handpiece rises. After the mobile phone is installed, try running it first to check whether the water, gas and rotational speed are normal. dental turbine unit the application process, purified water should be continuously sprayed on the drilling area and the drill needle. , to reduce the temperature of the handpiece and avoid tissue damage due to high temperature.

(3) The nurse is located on the left side of the patient’s head to assist in suctioning debris, cooling water, saliva and blood to ensure a clear surgical field.

(4) Assist in pulling open corners or wounds, and use periosteal separators or mouth mirrors to block soft tissues, so as to prevent soft tissues from being damaged by rapidly rotating burs.

(5) When a dentist uses a handpiece or a dental elevator, he supports the mandible with his left hand to protect the temporomandibular joint,and prevent joint damage and joint dislocation. If there is excessive bleeding or bone removal during the operation, an absorbable gelatin sponge can be placed to stop the bleeding to promote wound repair and new bone formation after tooth extraction.

(6) Clean the handpiece and drill after operation, and sterilize it for later use.


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