air polisher dental

air polisher dental

Smooth and easy 360° rotation

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What is dental air polishing

When using a dental air polisher, the foot control is pressed, compressed air flows into the powder container. It mixes evenly with the powder and the mixture flows to the nozzle.

At the same time, water is supplied separately from air and powder. There are three nozzles at the nozzle, forming a water sheath. It surrounds the area of operation with powder to prevent dust.

Air polisher dental hygiene

air polisher dental cleaning tools for beautiful white teeth

Unique dual nozzle for powerful powder discharge.
The slender handpiece combined with the small nozzle can greatly improve accessibility around all tooth surfaces.
Even teeth in the interdental area and often hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned quickly.
The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and flexible operation.

Many clinics have added dental air polishers or air prophylaxis to their treatment routines. These systems use high-pressure air to push a special powder onto a patient’s teeth. The abrasive action of the powder provides a high-quality finish.
When choosing one of our dental air polishers, you need to know the compatible powder types. It also requires proper air polishing training, appropriate safety and personal protective equipment in the training practice, and selection of patients suitable for air polishing as treatment subjects.


Technology and Features

After the performance is improved, the jetting force is strong. The powerful jet force greatly reduces the cleaning time, thereby shortening the treatment time.

Nozzle head
The long, small nozzle tip allows easy access to molars, etc. On the cheek side, there is no need to use a mobile phone to enlarge the lips, and only the lingual side ensures a wide field of vision, reducing the burden on patients and operators.

The connection between the mobile phone and the powder box can be easily realized with one button.

Smooth and easy 360° rotation
The freely rotating handpiece makes it easier to adjust the operating angle, hold firmly, and operate easily and comfortably.

Easy-to-remove nozzles: 60° and 80°
The nozzle angles are divided into 60° and 80°: 80° is suitable for anterior teeth, and 60° is suitable for molars; choose and use according to different parts to maximize the cleaning effect.

The handpiece can be washed with hot water. Autoclavable at temperatures up to 135°C


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