Roson Flagship Model KLT-6220 A3


Roson Flagship Model KLT-6220 A3

5 years warranty:Air & Water tube

5 years warranty:Leather upholstery

5 years warranty:TIMOTION Motor

3 years warranty:Dental light

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ROSON Flagship Model Dental Unit KLT-6220 A3 

Grand Launch


1.New Appearance,Great Innovation

Hexagonal design

The design idea is based on moden Hexagonal elements, no matter for cushion of the patient chair, dental light, doctor table, assistant control box etc., meanwhile, equipped the water box with advanced jet black front cover and Dynamic atmosphere light which make A3 perfectly match with trend of morden fashion.

  • Advanced jet black front cover
  • Dynamic atmosphere light
  • Tech-fashion appearance

Microfiber Leather upholstery

Dynamic atmosphere light

Advanced jet black front cover

  Mismatch design


Smiling face design

  • Philips lamp beads
  • Stable illuminant, No RF interference, Eye protection
  • Surgery and Conventional treatment application
  • Comfortable for each treatment

2.Worry-free water Full-time disinfection

Electrolytic Oxidized Disinfection System

  • The water will be disinfected by intelligent micro electrolysis
  • Efficient disinfection; Safety priority

FOR Dentists:One-Key Switch & Automatic disinfection

FOR Patients:Non-toxic & No stimulation; Convenient & Safe

FOR Dental chair:Corrosion resistance; Long serving lifetime

Six Tests Authorized reports

1.Static liquid bactericidal test

2.Dynamic liquid bactericidal test

3.Oral Toxicity test

4.Hydrogen peroxide concentration test.

5.Colony inspection test

6.Ozone concentration test

EOW-TECH Great Innovation

  • Efficient disinfection,Disinfection Rate:≥99.9999%
  • Biofilm Inhibition:Prevention of cross infection
  • Non-toxic & No stimulation:Without chlorine disinfectant
  • Water quality adaptation:Electrolyte adaptation Meet different water quality
  • Environmentally-friendly:No harmful residues
  • Anti-corrosion to pipeline:No chloridion No corrosion

3.Excellent performance

Medical-grade color LCD screen

  • Synchronously display
  • Intuitive interface
  • 3 adjustable memory seat positions
  • Error code display
  • Intelligent Timing Function

Handpiece Holder with 4 adjustable angles (30-80°)

  • Convenience to pick and place
  • More efficient
  • Meet the operating habits of different doctors

Thermostatic water system 

  • Warm water for 3-way syringe & handpiece
  • One-key switch, Winter away
  • Always feels comfortable during operation

Infrared & Gravity Dual Induction Water Supply

  • Hidden handle Practical & Beautiful
  • Smart dual induction system
  • Comfortable and time saving

  • One-key press, chair up to the highest position 5 mins automatically flushed of spittoon
  • No extra operation, ease you on daily cleaning
  • Soft start/stop system
  • Keep patients always comfortable
  • To prevent contamination of water back into the pipe.
  • To prevent drainage pipe smell returns to the consulting room

RS-06 Ergonomically shaped Dentist stool

  • Eight-way control, easy to master
  • Ergonomic chair, take care dentist
  • Comfortable, Ultra-Breathable, Non-deformation
  • Multi-functional adjustment
  • 5° tilted forward, to maintain dentist a comfortable natural position when in surgery
  • 360° switch silent casters, convenience and quiet
  • Aluminium alloy base, stable and steady

4.Extraordinary Quality

  • SMC air & water tube
  • Stainless steel 3-way syringe
  • Stainless Steel Spiral Handpiece Tube
  • Nickel plated valve; Ek seal ring; imported diaphragm
  • Dental light with Philips lamp beads
  • 300 thousand times test for foot pedal
  • 150 thousand times test for Four-Way Foot Control
  • Tidy pipeline for easy maintenance
  • Moisture-proof anti-static protection circuit system




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