Piezo bone surgery unit


Piezo bone surgery unit

Technical Parameter
Voltage: AC 100~240V
Max. Power Consumption: 150VA
Fuses: 2xF10A 250A
Water Flow: 60~ 100ml/ min
Working Frequency: 24kHz- 36kHz
Water Applied Parts: Handpiece and Piezo tips
Fuses: 2xF10A 250V
Waterproof Level: IPX1

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Revolutionizing Bone Surgery
Unlock the future of precision and efficiency in bone surgery with AI Surgery PRO, our latest innovation in Piezo Bone Surgery Units. Designed to elevate surgical procedures to new heights, the AI Surgery PRO combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled ease of use, ensuring optimal outcomes for both surgeons and patients.

Key Features:
Various Operation Modes: Tailor your surgical approach with ease using our intuitive interface. AI Surgery PRO offers a range of operation modes, allowing surgeons to customize settings and select the perfect working tips for each procedure. From delicate bone sculpting to precise osteotomy, achieve unprecedented control and efficiency in every operation.

HD Sensitive Touch Screen: Experience unmatched clarity and responsiveness with our 360-degree color LCD full-touch screen. Designed for seamless interaction, the reflective screen ensures clear visibility even in challenging lighting conditions. With its sensitive touch capabilities, navigates through settings effortlessly, enhancing workflow efficiency and surgical precision.

Ultra Silence: Redefining surgical environments, the AI Surgery PRO operates in virtual silence. Featuring a selected peristaltic pump and a 5-rotor stepper motor design, this unit ensures steady water flow with minimal noise disruption. Experience tranquility in the operating room while maintaining focus on the task at hand, thanks to our advanced noise-reduction technology.

Transform your surgical practice with the AI Surgery PRO, where innovation meets precision. Elevate patient care and surgical outcomes with confidence, backed by the latest advancements in Piezo Bone Surgery technology.

Experience the future of bone surgery – experience AI Surgery PRO.


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