Intra Oral Camera MC01


Intra Oral Camera MC01

VGA Intra Oral Camera

*Application of high-speed image processing technology.

*High integrated design, universal VGA interface, it supports to any monitor.

*Custom-made cable for Camera.

*Screen Size: 17 inch

*Screen Resolution: 1280*1024

* Display: 1 Picture/4 Pictures

* Storage Mode: SD Card Storage

*Other Function: Remote Control Function/ Video Function

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Unveiling our latest innovation in dental imaging technology, the VGA Intra Oral Camera is engineered to redefine precision and versatility in dental practices. Our cutting-edge features and advanced functionalities set a new standard in intraoral imaging, empowering dental professionals with unparalleled capabilities.

Main Features:

High-Speed Image Processing Technology: Experience the pinnacle of imaging efficiency with our advanced high-speed image processing technology, ensuring swift capture and transfer of detailed intraoral images.

Universal VGA Interface: Designed with a high level of integration, our camera features a universal VGA interface, providing seamless compatibility with any monitor for convenient and hassle-free usage.

Custom-Made Camera Cable: Tailored for optimal performance, our custom-made cable ensures reliable connectivity and consistent transmission of high-quality images.

17-inch Screen with Adjustable Display: Immerse yourself in a vivid and expansive visual experience on our 17-inch screen, offering a screen resolution of 1280*1024. Choose between single-picture or four-picture display modes for enhanced observation and analysis.

SD Card Storage: Benefit from convenient storage solutions with our SD card storage mode, facilitating easy archiving and access to patient records and images.

Additional Functions: Explore the versatility of our Intra Oral Camera with added functionalities such as remote control capability and video functionality, allowing for enhanced operability and expanded applications in your practice.

Experience the next evolution in intraoral imaging technology with our VGA Intra Oral Camera. Elevate diagnostics, patient communication, and overall workflow efficiency with this versatile and powerful tool.


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