Economical electric dental chair N2


Economical electric dental chair N2

The sturdy and durable Roson Dental Chair N2.

The backrest is ergonomically designed to provide good support for the patient’s waist, especially for the entire back when lying on the back. So that patients can be treated with peace of mind. Improve Dentist Efficiency

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50,000+ Dentist’s Choice.

  • Rotatable side case optimizes space for four-handed operation.
  • Built-in tissue box, convenient for patients to withdraw tissue.
  • Integrated small tray for easy patient storage of belongings.
  • Have an independent disinfection water supply system.
  • dental unit is designed with high stability,with a full technical configuration to meet your professinal needs
  • roson dental unit give you the comfort of linkage compensation.

    Easy operation and strong stability:

  • Hygienic antifouling pads for instrument trays prevent countertop staining.
  • Rotatable large hole hanger, easy to operate.
  • Compact design assistant rack with small tray.
  • Feather-shaped operation panel with hidden handle.
  • The strong and weak suction handle of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and silicone combination structure, light weight, good sealing, adjustable flow.
  • Self-locking one-piece filter, corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating high-efficiency filter.
  • The one-piece doctor’s backrest and armrest relieve the tension and fatigue of the dentist’s back and elbows at the same time.
  • The working partner of the dental clinic, the roson dental unit is comfortable, durable and stable.

The overall structure of the dental chair fully reflects the beauty of ergonomics.

  • The hands-free spittoon and mouthwash buttons make the dentist’s operation faster and more efficient.
  • Multi-joint movable headrest, suitable for different groups of people

PU upholstery

how to install dental chair

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