Dental examination lights


Dental examination lights

The dental examination light is exclusively designed for dental implant surgery.

Input Voltage: AC 12-24V
Color Temperatuer:4000-5500K Adjust Color Temperature
Spot size:Φ120mm(Distance for 900mm)
Amount of LED tube:26 pcs
Dimension of carton:50×50×25cm
Weight of one carton:7KG
Amount of one carton:1 piece

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Big projection angle. Illumination from 30000 to 90000lux Color temperatures to be chosen from 4000K to 5500K. Less weight makes sure it can be installed to the dental chairs, ceilings, walls and mobile trollies.

Dental examination lights, also known as dental operatory lights or dental overhead lights, are specialized lighting fixtures used in dental offices during oral examinations and procedures. These lights provide illumination in the oral cavity, allowing dentists and dental professionals to perform various dental procedures with precision. Here are some details about dental examination lights:

Purpose: These lights are designed to provide focused and adjustable illumination directly into the patient’s mouth. They help dentists visualize the oral cavity, teeth, gums, and other structures more clearly during examinations, cleanings, restorative work, and surgeries.

Types of Examination Lights:

Halogen Lights: Traditional halogen lights were commonly used in the past but are gradually being replaced by more advanced technologies.
LED Lights: LED lights have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency, longevity, brightness, and adjustable color temperatures. They offer better light quality and have become the preferred choice in modern dental practices.
Adjustability and Mobility: Most dental examination lights are adjustable in terms of intensity, direction, and focus to meet the specific needs of different dental procedures. They are often mounted on the ceiling or dental chairs, providing flexibility in positioning and movement.

Color Temperature and CRI: LED lights used in dental examination lights often have adjustable color temperatures to achieve optimal lighting conditions for accurate color rendition and better visibility of oral tissues. High Color Rendering Index (CRI) lights provide natural color representation for precise clinical assessments.

Hygiene and Sterilization: Many modern examination lights are designed to be easily cleanable and resistant to disinfectants to maintain aseptic conditions in the dental operatory.

Patient Comfort and Ergonomics: Contemporary examination lights are designed to minimize glare, reduce heat emissions, and provide a comfortable experience for the patient during dental procedures.


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