dental curing light


dental curing light

Best LED dental curing light

-New aluminum alloy housing
-High transmittance glass fiber
– High power LED, high light intensity and long life
-Large capacity lithium battery
-Sleep screensaver function to save power
– Automatic shutdown, low battery alarm
– Touch membrane keys feel more comfortable and easier to operate
– Using digital display tube to display working time, clear and clear
-Suitable for curing any brand resin material

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curing light dental

what is a curing light used for

From a dentist’s point of view, ease of operation is a very important criterion for choosing a dental curing light. In clinical operations, the teeth can be easily approached when restoring teeth from the face, buccal and lingual surfaces.

The light source of the light curing light should have a good angle, and it can be as close as possible to the affected teeth when treating both adults and children. On the surface of the restoration, try to avoid the dead angle of irradiation.

Sufficient curing light strength

The curing light dentla lamp with higher light intensity is of great significance to improve the monomer conversion rate of the composite resin. The higher the monomer conversion rate, the better the mechanical properties of the composite resin.

Therefore, the light intensity of the curing light should be sufficient to ensure complete curing of the top and bottom of the resin without excessive heat generation. It is recommended that dental curing light power intensity should be between 750 and 2 000 mW/cm2.

If the power is too large, it is easy to generate excessive heat and damage the adjacent pulp and gingival tissue, and does not speed up the curing speed. When the light intensity is less than 233 mW/cm2, it can no longer be used.

dental curing light side effects

The light intensity of a curing light will gradually decrease over time, and there are many factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of a curing unit.

Such as the aging of the bulb, the wear or contamination of the light guide, the destruction of the fiber optic bundle, and repeated sterilization lead to the aging of the inside of the device.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the type and use time of the curing light during use, the light intensity of the curing light should be checked frequently, and attention should be paid to the replacement and maintenance of components to ensure the effectiveness and standardization of clinical use.

LED dental curing light

Working voltage
100-240V 50-60Hz
420-480 nm
Light power
more than 1500mw/cm2
Capability of battery
2200mA/h3.7 V

-Enviromental protection grade plastic shell
-5W big power LED
-High energy penetration rate glass fiber rod
-Big capaciry Li-ion battery
-Sleep screensaver function, save power
-Automatic shutdown, low battery alarm
-Silicone button, nice hand feeling
-Strong , gradually strong, flashing three types working mode.
-Digital display, It’s easy to see working time.
-Available for all brands resin materials

Standard equipment :
-Charger 1pcs
-Mainframe 1pcs
-Light guide 1pcs
-Light-shading shim 1pcs
-Adapter 1pcs
-User’s manual 1pcs


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