Dental curing light RC121


Dental curing light RC121

Power Supply rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery Voltage and capacity 3.7V/1400mAh

Power Input 100Vto 240V ,50Hz/60Hz

Input Power 10VA

Power Output DC5V/1A

Light Source 10W high power blue light LED

Wave Length 420nm-480nm

Light Intensity 1200mW/cm²-2300mW/cm²

Color White, Blue, Pink, Green

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The LED Curing Light is a powerful and versatile tool designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted with precision and engineered for efficiency, this innovative device ensures optimal curing for a wide range of resin materials, providing impeccable results for your patients’ dental restorations.

1. ABS Painting Coating:
Impeccably finished with ABS painting coating, our curing light boasts durability and a sleek aesthetic appeal, enhancing its resilience against wear and tear.

2. Solidify All Brands of Resin Materials:
Uncompromising in its capabilities, our LED curing light effectively solidifies all major brands of resin materials, ensuring comprehensive compatibility for various dental procedures.

3. High Articulation Optical Fiber:
Featuring a high articulation optical fiber, this device offers precise light delivery, allowing for accurate and targeted curing in challenging areas within the oral cavity.

4. Three Kinds of Working Modes:
With three versatile working modes, our curing light adapts to different clinical requirements, offering flexibility and customization for varied dental procedures.

5. Automatic Standby and Shutdown within 20s:
Enhancing efficiency and energy conservation, the device automatically enters standby mode and shuts down within 20 seconds of inactivity, preserving battery life and ensuring prompt usability when needed.

6. 10W Big Power LED with High Light Power:
Powered by a robust 10W LED, this device emits a light power of more than 2000mw/cm2, facilitating rapid and thorough curing, accelerating treatment times, and improving patient comfort.

7. Low Battery Alert:
Equipped with a low battery alert system, you’ll always be informed in advance, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and preventing unexpected downtime during critical procedures.

Experience unparalleled power, precision, and versatility with our LED Curing Light. Revolutionize your dental practice by offering your patients superior quality restorations, backed by cutting-edge technology and reliability.


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