Dental Autoclave RA16L/18L/23L-I

Dental Autoclave RA16L/18L/23L-I


  • Open-type water tank design, easy to clean
  • LED simply display
  • High-density filter
  • Fully automatic
  • High-quality vacuum pump
  • Build-in steam generator
  • Optional printer
  • Over-temperature and Over-pressure protect
  • Double door safety lock
  • Color :Blue & purple & orange
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Why do dentists use dental steam sterilizer autoclaves?

Because the bacteria in the oral cavity are very resistant to high temperatures, the disinfection effect of ordinary sterilizers is not large,

so a professional dental autoclave sterilizer is required to prevent bacterial infection.

Multifunctional and efficient intelligent autoclave dental instruments.

dental autoclave sterilizer Class N thermal semi-automatic steam sterilizer, digital display, 121/134 two sterilization programs, temperature and pressure overload protection, with pressure safety lock; water in the cavity, automatic drainage, and steam exhaust;

The separation design of the clean water tank and the waste water tank can effectively prevent the pollution of the water system inside the sterilizer.

Observable and easy-to-clean fully open clean water tank for daily cleaning and disinfection. Double overpressure protection to ensure sterilization and disinfection process.

Set up a safety valve, and the overpressure will automatically release the pressure. When the temperature is too high, the protection device is automatically activated. Automatic disinfection and drying. Automatic alarm when the fault occurs

Do you know how hot a dental autoclave gets? The autoclave temperature for dental instruments up to 121°-134°

How to sterilize dental instruments in an autoclave

  •  The indicator light shows the working status
  • Sterilization fast 4-6 minutes
  • Sterilization temperature and sterilization time can be set by yourself
  • The internal circulation system of soda and water does not discharge steam to the outside, and the environment is clean and dry
  • Over temperature and pressure automatic protection function
  • Power-off protection control
  • Automatically discharge cold air
  • Equipped with a three-layer stainless steel disinfection tray
  • The sterilization chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Buzzer to remind automatic shutdown at the end of the sterilization cycle

The best autoclave for dental clinics can sterilize metal and non-metal medical instruments at low temperatures.

The main process is to sterilize medical devices through the diffusion of hydrogen peroxide in the chamber, which is then “energized” into a plasma state.

Be aware that all stages of the sterilization process operate in a dry, low-temperature environment so they will not damage instruments sensitive to heat or moisture, work with both metallic and non-metallic instruments, and protect hard-to-reach areas such as hemostat hinges. Sterilize the instrument site.


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