LED dental light RV004-1


LED dental light RV004-1

Voltage: AC12V-24V
Power Consumption:7-10W(Rated powr24W)
Light Intensity: min≤7000lux,max≥56000lux
Pattern Size: 85*160
Color Temperature: 4000-5700k
Ra: ≥92%
Shadowless solution:<φ2
Eye intensity: 200lux
Operating method:Toggle and sensor switch
Sensor distance: 20-80mm
Net weight:1.85kg

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Install on the dental unit to provide the light source. High power LED light is more concentrate to the oral cavity while they are no uncomfortable light to the patient’s eyes. They are also good to the health of the dentist work long hours under the light.

1. Totally Enclosed Design with Autoclavable Handle Covers: Our dental light boasts a fully enclosed design, ensuring optimal hygiene standards in the dental operatory. Additionally, the autoclavable handle covers are easily removable and replaceable, allowing for convenient sterilization procedures, thereby maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

2. Selectable Color Temperatures (4000K to 5700K): With a range of five selectable color temperatures spanning from 4000K to 5700K, our dental light offers customizable lighting options. This feature allows practitioners to tailor the lighting to match specific procedural requirements or individual preferences, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort during treatments.

3. Ideal for Various Procedures, including RV004 and Cosmetic Surgery: Our versatile dental light excels not only in general dental procedures but is also an excellent choice for RV004 procedures and cosmetic surgery. Featuring a rectangular pattern, high illumination output, and superb shadowless effects, it delivers precision lighting essential for these specialized applications.

This dental light’s innovative design, hygienic features, customizable color temperatures, and suitability for a wide range of procedures make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals seeking efficiency, hygiene, and optimal lighting performance in their practice.


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