Dental stool RS-S4


Dental stool RS-S4

Seat size:445*400MM
Backrest size:400*260MM
Chair frame:Aluminium alloy base
Height range:500-640MM/450-570MM
package size:56x57x29cm
Weight: 16kg

In stock .


For the dentist use

Our dental stool is meticulously crafted to prioritize the comfort and support of dentists during extended periods of use.

1. Double Armrest Design for Enhanced Comfort: This stool is uniquely designed with double armrests to provide exceptional comfort and support for dentists. The dual armrests offer ample space for the dentist’s hands to rest comfortably, ensuring ergonomic support throughout dental procedures. The design allows flexibility in hand placement, promoting optimal posture and reducing strain during extended work sessions.

2. Comfortable Support and Flexibility: The provision of double armrests not only ensures comfortable support but also offers flexibility in how dentists position their hands. The placement of hands on the handrails allows for varied and comfortable support, enabling dentists to work with greater ease and precision.

Our dental stool is meticulously designed to enhance the working experience of dentists, offering unparalleled comfort, support, and flexibility through its innovative double armrest feature.


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