Dental stool RS-06


Dental stool RS-06

Seat size:460*420MM
Backrest size:360*350MM
Chair frame:Aluminium alloy base
Height range:870-1000MM
package size:57x57x29cm
Weight: 11.5kg

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For the dentist use

Our dental stool is thoughtfully designed with a focus on ergonomics, flexibility, and convenience, ensuring optimal comfort for dentists during treatments. Key features include:

1. Ergonomically Shaped Design with 8-Way Control and Adjustment: This stool boasts an ergonomically shaped design with 8-way control and adjustment options. Dentists can personalize the stool’s settings to suit their comfort preferences, allowing for precise adjustments that cater to individual needs during dental procedures.

2. Multifunctional Adjustment with Forward Tilt: Offering multifunctional adjustment capabilities, this stool allows a 5-degree forward tilt. This design promotes a comfortable and natural posture for the dentist during treatments, reducing strain and maintaining a relaxed yet efficient working position.

3. 360-Degree Silent Casters for Convenience and Quiet Mobility: Equipped with 360-degree switch silent casters, our dental stool ensures both convenience and quiet mobility in the dental operatory. These casters facilitate smooth and silent movement, allowing dentists to maneuver effortlessly without disturbing patients or disrupting the treatment environment.

Our dental stool’s emphasis on ergonomic design, versatile adjustment options, and silent mobility through 360-degree casters ensures a comfortable, adaptable, and seamless experience for dentists during their clinical procedures.


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