Dental light

Dental light

This kind of planting lamp adopts the fully enclosed design, the handle is easy to remove and disinfect, the color can be adjusted at 3500-5500k, 8 gears, the brightness can reach 30000 lux, and the shadowless effect is good. The light body of the lamp can be used not only for planting but also for other oral lighting. It is also an ideal choice for facial surgery and Cosmetology.

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LED dental Implant light advanced, excellent and exquisite dental chair light

Roson LED dental lights improve your ability to see inside the oral cavity

The dental led light was designed specifically for those who want the clarity and accuracy of the roson LED dental lights, in a simple, economical version that’s anything but a compromise.

Manually turn on the dental operatory light, the intensity of the light can be adjusted.

Induction switch, the intensity of light can be adjusted. Intelligent induction,

strong concentrating. It can be adjusted from multiple angles according to the user, and it can be used flexibly

LED dental light with 6 hole economic, flexible and simple dental chair light

  • The new oral dental lamp adopts the latest appearance design, and the dental chair light adjusting panel is located in front of the lamp surface, which is fashionable and easy to operate.
  • Touch sensor adjusts brightness and color temperature, touch intelligent sensor, light size can gradually increase or decrease with fingertip sliding.
  • Three lighting modes, white light, yellow light and yellow white mixed, can be adjusted freely according to the needs of surgery.
  • High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Extraordinary lighting. The high color rendering index imitates the clarity of sunlight and fills the mouth with light that can accurately reflect color for the diagnosis of soft and hard tissues.
  • Ecological and economic wisdom. Low heat LED lamp does not contain toxic chemicals, almost no infrared light, almost no ultraviolet radiation. Compared with most halogen lamps, the power consumption of roson is 80-90% less and the brightness is more than 20% higher.
  • Digital display illumination, color temperature and light intensity, clear and accurate.
  • Multi adjustable, user can adjust angle freely according to your need
  • Imported long lasting led. Using about 1 / 5 of the power of traditional quartz halogen lamp, the life expectancy is up to 40000 hours.
    Input Voltage AC/DC 15-24V
    Power 5W
    illumination 8000-30000LX
    Color temperature 3500K/5500K
    Spot size 80*160MM(Distance    for 700mm)
    Amount of LED    tube 2/pcs
    Dimension of    carton 38*36*21.5cm
    GW/NW 2.5KG/1.5KG
    Amount of one    carton 1/piece
    Input Voltage AC/DC 12-24V
    Power 9W
    illumination 8000-30000LX
    Color    temperature 5500K Color    Temperature
    Spot size 80*160MM(Distance    for 700mm)
    Amount of LED    tube 6组/pcs
    Dimension of    carton 43.5*36.5*19cm
    GW/NW 2KG/1.2KG
    Amount of one    carton 1/piece


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