dental autoclave

dental autoclave

Observable and easy-to-clean fully open clean water tank for daily cleaning and disinfection.

Double overpressure protection to ensure sterilization and disinfection process.

Set up a safety valve, and the overpressure will automatically release the pressure.

When the temperature is too high, the protection device is automatically activated.

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what is a dental autoclave

Efficient and reliable dental autoclave sterilizer

European class B standard, three-pulse pre-vacuum.

Special vacuum pump with its own cooling system to speed up vacuum efficiency.

The unique steam separation system improves the working efficiency and reliability of the autoclave B dental

Innovative steam injection solution to achieve uniform heating of the cavity.

Data storage: Standard large-capacity U disk, which can store more than 1 million sterilization records.

how to use dental autoclave

There are all kinds of medical devices, but any medical device needs sterilization equipment.including dental clinics needs autoclave for dental office.

When using the autoclave dental sterilizer, after installing or emptying the water in the water heater, it should be noted that the water heater must be filled with water before turning on the power supply;

Before each use, replace the filter cotton under the sterilant kit; turn it on when the storage water temperature reaches above 61°C; do not open the box cover during the sterilization process.

When closing the lid fails, press the lid open button again to close the lid again;

Before using the sterilant, check whether it is agglomerated, and shake the medicine box to separate the medicine into powder before use; endoscopic instruments without waterproof devices cannot be sterilized with this equipment;

All endoscope lumens must be cleaned, detachable parts must be disassembled and then sterilized, and the dental autoclave for sale with switches must be turned to the “open” position; the instruments in the sterilization tray are discharged naturally and neatly, and the connecting hoses and instrument hoses must not be Folding, twisting and other phenomena;

when autoclave time for dental instruments, the hose is placed in an arc shape in the tray and must not be twisted at will. When using a autoclave sterilization of dental instruments, the dental  instruments should not be higher than the surface of the plate; if the “sterilization failure” logo is printed after sterilization, the manufacturer should be notified for inspection and treatment; sterilized instruments must be stored in a sterile environment , as far as possible to shorten the interval from sterilization to use of the instruments to avoid secondary contamination of the instruments;

If you find that there is water seepage in the box cover, immediately notify the relevant personnel to replace the sealing strip on the cover; do a simple cleaning every day before turning on the machine and after turning off the machine, dry the water in the sterilization tray with a dry cloth, and then wipe the machine cover with 70% alcohol inside and outside surfaces, and close the lid.

When not in use for a long time, it will run automatically every 7 days. Do a full cleaning once a month and replace the filter element. Put the water in the water heater, refill the tank, and run it with sterilant once before use, and then sterilize the instrument.



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