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Sterilization is the process of removing microorganisms and spores that may exist in objects to prevent infection. Dental instruments (forceps, pricks, forceps, forceps, scissors, lifters, files, files, etc.) in contact with blood and incomplete mucous membrane must always be used aseptically, and it is the easiest way to disinfect the instruments in dental instruments. Grade B autoclave should be used in clinic.


These autoclaves use vacuum pumps to remove air from the room, creating a negative pressure that forces steam in. They can sterilize porous instruments with blind holes (turbine, bevel) and textile loads. For dental clinics, we will need a class B autoclave to enable us to sterilize devices such as turbines or bagged mobile phones.


1. With ultra-low noise design, Roson sterilizer is known as the quietest sterilizer in the world. The self-developed inlaid sheet metal parts need to be repaired and replaced in case of evaporator failure. Just screw out 4 screws of sheet metal parts after sterilizer. It makes the maintenance easier, simpler and faster, and greatly saves maintenance time.


2. It is the first in China to independently develop a high-power overload protector, which is more sensitive and 10 times faster than the reaction speed of traditional fuse. In case of any electric leakage or system short circuit, the sterilizer will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the sterilizer and ensure the operation safety.


3. Triple lock protection. Claw hook type electronic safety door lock, automatic lock of door lock shaft and pressure safety protection device. Full open pressure safety valve, when the chamber pressure exceeds the set pressure, the pressure discharge port is fully opened, which can ensure rapid pressure relief and pressure safety in the chamber. The safety of sterilizer is greatly improved.


4. Eight factory preset programs, three self-test programs and three times pre vacuum. There are also liquid program, independent drying program, multiple choices, suitable for different equipment sterilization.


5. Important parts are imported parts, such as ULVAC vacuum pump from Japan, motorcycle: pull pressure sensor, PT1000 temperature control with platinum resistance from Japan, solenoid valve from Italy, imported air filter, etc.


6. Medical grade special 304 stainless steel inner cavity, three times overall stretching, one forming, two times electrolysis, three times polishing, sterilizer has strong pressure resistance, uniform heating, smooth and flat.

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