The highest Tech Sensor

The highest Tech Sensor

Photon counting detector technology comes from the field of high energy physics. His X-ray imaging technology has been recognized by the public and successfully applied to the field of dental imaging. For the first time, X-ray is directly converted into digital signal. The image with high dynamic range and high contrast resolution is produced with relatively low dose. It promotes the cost reduction and performance improvement, and creates the most cost-effective sensor in the current market



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1. Low cost and high efficiency
Our sensors and detectors are completely digital and do not require film development. In addition, our photon counting detector is manufactured by standard microelectronic manufacturing process, so it has considerable cost advantage.
2. Extraordinary usability
The computer supports the data transmission of iigtingfast, digitalizes the whole process, and performs real-time imaging. Excellent image quality, high resolution imaging. This product is compatible with the imaging technologies currently available on the market, can be used with film and digital radiography systems, and is ideal for most practices.
3. High reliability
Our product technology has been recognized by the authority, and the sensor shell has been specially designed to resist impact, bite and fall, so as to ensure the durability of the product. It is IP67 waterproof grade, absolutely safe and waterproof, and can be immersed in disinfectant to avoid cross infection. Protective sleeve to provide better health and safety protection, and to protect the board from scratching and heating.
4. Best workflow
Compared with the traditional way, our sensor detector is a full digital process, without dental tablet treasure. The USB connection with the computer supports fast data transmission and real-time imaging. The operation is simple and fast, which can greatly improve the efficiency of dental diagnosis and treatment.
5. Powerful post processing software
We provide a disposable protective sleeve to protect the sensor. A variety of image post-processing algorithms help to improve the contrast and clarity of the image through more delicate details. The image is clear and delicate, and even the fine points of root bifurcation are clearly visible.

Imaging principle

Photon counting X-ray detector technology

Effective area

( Small) 2.1 * 2.1 m2, (large) 2.5 * 3.0 M2

Sensor area

( (small) 2.65 * 3.2 m2, (large) 3.0 * 3.7 M2

Gray scale depth

 ≥ 16bits (the highest in the industry)

Measured spatial resolution


Link type

 USB direct / wireless connection

Sensor cable length


support system

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