Customized dental dental cabinet

Customized dental dental cabinet

When designing operation, the cabinet and configuration you choose may be a bright spot or burden. Whether it is to place the treatment table or wall mounted storage cabinet, the cabinet will have a huge impact on everything from ergonomics, efficiency to the privacy of patients in the operating room, all of which will affect your ability to develop your business. With years of experience, we provide a variety of tools from inspiration to installation to guide your choice. We can make special dental side cabinet for you according to your requirements. Smarter solutions for everyday efficiency.



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1、Customized medical side cabinet, focusing on the integration of art and function, makes life richer and more convenient

2、With exquisite technology and strict quality control to ensure durability

3、High quality raw materials, waterproof, durable.

4、Induction faucet, reduce manual contact, more clean and healthy

5、The mobile cabinet can be made into 850mm high, which is the same as the fixed cabinet beside. The mobile cabinet is more convenient to use。

6、Stainless steel laminating, laminating plate after forming using no fingerprint process, not only solves the problem of touching the stainless steel surface to leave fingerprints, but also makes the surface more glossy, convenient for daily maintenance。

7、The hand washing cabinet has built-in dustbin. The medical dustbin is designed to be knee top spring type. The door of the dustbin is controlled by special hydraulic air support.

8、According to the needs of the free choice of glass or marble table.

9、Free choice of combination, garbage can cabinet, drawer cabinet, computer cabinet, single door cabinet, double door cabinet, mobile cabinet, etc., diversified combination and multi-functional combination。

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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