Competitive Dental Unit Chair Roson KLT-6220 series S3 ,high cost performance model

Competitive Dental Unit Chair Roson KLT-6220 series S3 ,high cost performance model

Roson KLT-6210 series S3 dental chair for comprehensive treatment chair is our ultimate cost performance model, both in terms of performance and price of the dental chair. 

The main themes of this dental unit chair: upgraded, valued, convenient, competitive, This 6-holes frame of the electrical dental chair can be connected with a 3-way syringe,

 two high-speed and one low-speed handpiece, with extra holes reserved for light curing and Ultrasonic Scaler (can be built-in or external), meeting the basic needs of doctors' daily treatment. 

This dental chair has been comprehensively improved in some configurations and functions.


The electrical dental chair can create a comfortable environment for patients, improve the work efficiency of doctors, and the stable chair can give patients a sense of security,

 let patients relax, and make them more focused and efficient. Perfect chair back design provides comfortable treatment posture. Roson KLT-6210 series S3 dental chair, 

with reliable quality, simple operation, fast and efficient, can relieve the tension and fatigue of dentists to the greatest extent, and help dentists to be better. Your best choice.



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1. Magnet adsorption double box cover, maintenance, more labor-saving

2. New design of pillow structure makes operation easier

3. Wide cast aluminum chassis, more stable and safer

4. The cushion of the patient chair is thicker and softer

5. The back is linked with the patient chair, and the ergonomic chair cushion makes the patient comfortable

6. The lowest chair position can be as low as 380mm, which is convenient for all ages to see a doctor and ensures the best comfortable treatment posture

7. The use of linkage pedal, freeing the hands of doctors

8. Single dental oral light manual control induction light, more intelligent


9. Detachable ceramic spittoon and filter, easy to clean and disinfect.

10. Integrated instrument holder.

11. The doctor's chair is wide, ergonomic, and can be moved flexibly with a silent chair wheel, making the work easier

12. According to your needs, led oral light and top-mounted can be selected

13. The instrument tray and top-mounted handpiece silicone pad can be disinfected at 135 ℃

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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