New design dental unit chairs Roson KLT-6220 series C1

New design dental unit chairs Roson KLT-6220 series C1

Children are also the main customer groups, but children are younger, less self-control, lack of patience, will make dentists more distressed. Roson klt6220 series C1 children's dental comprehensive treatment dental chair, focusing on the research and development of a children's dental chair, the whole body design is lovely, interesting cartoon shape, to solve all your problems.

This humanized design cartoon style will attract children's attention, make them ignore fear, and will not be nervous during treatment. Therefore, the whole operation can be carried out easily.



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1. The dental light with hand-controlled induction LED lamp designs a lovely apple shape and can rotate 360 ° freely. The switch and brightness of the lamp can be controlled by hand, which is convenient and interesting.

2. The main and vice control panel of the dental chair adopt touch screen, which is super sensitive and fast.

3. Full functional dental chair with double hinged pillow.

4. The kangaroo shape, children will fall in love with this chair, and more willing to accept treatment, improve the efficiency of treatment. The kangaroo head can be easily removed during operation, which greatly increases the leg space of doctors and assistants.

5. The dental chair is designed with a safety belt, so that children can lie on it and fasten the safety belt to improve the safety factor and make the operation easier.

6. The shell shaped control unit is not only exquisite in shape and easy to operate, but also has complete functions. It has three memory functions and can reach the spitting position with one key.

7. The elephant box and the yellow duck ground box are not only lovely, but also children can sit and play.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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