Best Dental Unit Chair KLT-6220 S9 For Sale

Best Dental Unit Chair KLT-6220 S9 For Sale

Roson klt-6220 series S9 dental comprehensive treatment, which is upgraded comprehensively, is easy to operate, has excellent quality, complete functions and exquisite appearance, which gives you double enjoyment of vision and touch. Perfect patient chair and doctor chair structure design, bring patients and doctors enjoy the experience. The new reconstruction of the arm space structure brings luxury diagnosis and treatment space. Free all the troubles for you.



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1. Enjoy unprecedented comfortable experience. The structural design and manufacturing process are in line with the most comfortable ergonomics and the strictest safety standards. The independent patient seat is designed with the best proportion of linkage to ensure that patients enjoy the most comfortable experience.

2. Luxuriant diagnosis space for treat. It is the best choice for high-class clinic and VIP Clinic because of its wide range mobile arm system, easy to achieve the ergonomic positioning of dentists, fashionable appearance and luxurious treatment space design.

3. Safety and health. The back of chair and ceramic spittoon stop when they are blocked, and the handpiece and chair interlock function can ensure the safety of the whole treatment process.

4. Dental led light with 8 lights,there are cold light and warm light, touch screen, can also be manually controlledcolor temperature between 4000-5500K,illumination up to 60000 Lux.

5. Reserved loading position of microscope.

6. Hygienic ceramic spittoon with stainless steel handle, flushing and water supply pipe are convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

7. Flexible option. There are three models for you to choose. Hanging , top mounted and cart model.For cart model,The height adjustment range  is 650-850mm, with brake silent wheel. The top mounted type provides a wide treatment range for dentist, and the maximum extension distance of the instrument can reach 88mm.

8. Exquisite structure and fashionable appearance meet the aesthetic requirements of dental clinic.

9. Expand the operation field of vision and control unit, improve work efficiency.

10. The multifunctional integrated foot switch controls all chair positions and spittoons ,free dentist hands.

11. The super skin doctor's chair, ergonomic chair surface and four-way adjustable back support can relieve your tension and fatigue.

12. The chair mounted microscope can be optioned.



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