High quality dental unit Chair Roson KLT-6220 series S6

High quality dental unit Chair Roson KLT-6220 series S6

Item: KLT-6220 S6

Roson klt-6220 series S6 dental comprehensive treatment chair, with interlocking function of handpiece and chair and anti-collision function of chair back, can prevent accidents in the treatment process and provide a sense of safety for doctors and patients. Perfect chair back design, healthy and comfortable treatment space, bring upgrade experience to patients. New spring super sensitive touch screen, multi-function, fast and efficient operation.



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1. The patient chair is designed with foot pads to make it more hygienic during treatment.

2. The semi hidden water storage bottle saves space and is more beautiful.

3. The 45 ° doctor and assistant operation panel is customer-oriented, with sensitive touch keys and convenient operation. It has three memory functions and other functions. Spitting can be reset with one button, which is simple, fast and efficient.

4. Manual dimming LED dental light with four lights, intelligent and clearer vision. The color temperature is stable and close to the natural light, which is beneficial to the health of dentists working under the light for a long time. Redesigned appearance structure, more beautiful.

5. The efficient and compact workflow design enables dentists to quickly switch between instruments, operation platform and control panel. Two instrument spaces are reserved to facilitate product upgrading.

6. Flexible swiveling and compact workflow assistant unit easy to reach,provide more space for assistant working closely with dentist and patinet all the time.

7. Wide cast aluminum chassis , more stable and safer.

8. The back of the chair is linked with the patient's chair, and the ergonomic cushion makes the patient comfortable.

9. The lowest chair position can be as low as 380mm, which is convenient for all ages to see a doctor and ensures the best comfortable treatment posture.

10. The precise four-way foot control and the one button flushing and water supply button liberate the doctor's hands.

11. Detachable ceramic spittoon and filter, easy to clean and disinfect.

12. The patient chair is made of super fiber leather, which is breathable, comfortable and has long service life.

13. The doctor's chair is wide, ergonomic, and can be moved flexibly with a silent chair wheel, making the work easier.

14. Suction handle with regulator, compatible with central suction system.

15. Optional top mounted model.





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