ultrasonic teeth cleaner


ultrasonic teeth cleaner

Easy to hold and fully waterproof. 360° rotating spout

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What are the benefits of ultrasonic scalers

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to oral health. They need to go to the dental clinic several times a year, and the most common one is teeth cleaning.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning can whiten teeth and eliminate tooth stains. This ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine is a very advanced technology at present. Many countries will use this kind of equipment to clean teeth, and mainly use ultrasonic energy to gather energy.

It can be converted into micron-level vibration of the energy device for cleaning, which has a cleaning effect on every tooth in the oral cavity.

  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning can prevent gum inflammation and keep teeth healthy and beautiful.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner for teeth can sterilize and disinfect, while keeping the oral cavity clean to achieve the effect of eliminating bad breath.
  • ultrasonic teeth cleaning side effects promotes the metabolism and regeneration of teeth.
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaner can eliminate dirt, and can also rub teeth inside and outside to protect teeth and improve teeth whitening effect.

What do you think of ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is through the high-frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves, and the damage to the tooth surface is very small, the treatment is convenient, the effect is obvious, and it will not harm the oral health.

  • No anesthesia is required, no side effects, and you can easily spend while waiting for music leisure.
  • There is no damage to the teeth, no pain, no cross infection, no long-term damage, and the entire process is strictly performed aseptically.
  • The original color of the teeth can be restored after washing the calculus and food residues on the surface of the teeth.
  • A tooth cleaning, cleaning, health care, only 30 minutes.

The residue between the teeth can be cleaned after a flush.

The mechanical vibration of ultrasonic waves can make the water flow to form a unique ultrasonic bubble.

The powerful ultrasonic energy released at the moment of the rupture of the ultrasonic bubble can loosen the stubborn dental calculus,  and avoid general mechanical vibration. damage to teeth.

What’s more advantageous is that the ultrasonic energy can easily remove the calculus and plaque hidden between the teeth and under the gums.



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