Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

1. The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, the cleanliness is high, and the cleanliness of the workpiece is consistent.
The workpiece surface is not damaged.
2. No manual contact with cleaning fluid is required, safe and reliable for deep holes, slits and hidden parts of workpieces
Also cleaned.
3. Save solvent, heat, space and labor.
4. The cleaning precision is high, which can powerfully clean the tiny dirt particles.

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How does an ultrasonic cleaner work

The working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the ultrasonic generator sends out a high-frequency oscillation signal,

which is converted into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and propagated into the cleaning liquid, so that a large number of air bubbles are generated by the liquid flow,

and these air bubbles will be covered in the ultrasonic cleaner liquid. The surface of the cleaning object is surrounded by layers, and finally when a certain air pressure is reached, the air bubbles will burst, so that the stains on the surface of the object will gradually fall off.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaners

The ultrasonic cleaning effect is good and the operation is simple. The sound people hear is a sound wave signal with a frequency of 20-20000Hz, and the sound wave at 20000Hz is called ultrasonic wave.

One reason is that there is a local tensile stress in the liquid to form a negative pressure. The reduction of the pressure makes the gas originally dissolved in the liquid supersaturated and escapes from the liquid to become small bubbles; the other reason is that the strong tensile stress “tears the liquid apart”. ” into a void, called cavitation.

Product character

  • The cleaning time is continuously adjustable for 1-60 minutes, the cleaning temperature is continuously adjustable for 20-80 degrees, and it will automatically power off when the temperature is too high.
  • All stainless steel appearance or full molding, beautiful, simple and fashionable.
  • Low-noise design, operating in the quiet environment of the clinic, special equipment blue, high precision, small and can not withstand friction equipment (such as high and low handpiece).
  • Clear control panel, full digital display, easy to operate
    Capacity 5L
    Power 220W
    Voltage 220V or 110V, 50/60Hz
    Weight 7.7kgs
    Packing size 52*38*69cm /4pcs
    Packing 4pcs/carton



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