High speed handpiece

High speed handpiece

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Dental led E-generator high speed handpiece

Led dental high speed handpiece is suitable for cutting, chipping, grinding and other functions in surgery. Because of its beautiful price and efficient performance, it is a super cost-effective dental high speed handpiece, which is the first choice of the doctors.

1. Standard head provides development field of vision.

2. Big head has a strong cutting force, shorten the treatment time.

3. Three spray, fast cooling.

4. The price is excellent and available,good performance.

5. Hard material for long lifespan .

5. Be Autoclavable at 135 celsius degree.

Product Parameter

Product Parameter Dental led E-generator high speed handpiec
Light With LED
Head Standrad/torqu
Spray 1/3 hole water spray
Chuck typ Push button
Material Stainless stee
Max speed 400,000RMP
Connectio 2 hole/4 hol
Noise ≤65db

45 degree surgical high handpiece

The 45 degree surgical contra angle is mainly used in medical surgery for the extraction of incisor and wisdom tooth . It is unique because of its 45 degree head design.

In the process of wisdom tooth extraction, the perfect head size, light sense of grip, make it possible for doctors to complete the operation quickly and safely.

1. Micro head design improves visibility and improve work efficiency.

2. Lightweight appearance, perfect curve,easy to hold.

3. High quality bearing, smooth and quiet to operate while working.

4. Three spray cooling more fully and faster.

high speed handpiece

Product Parameter

Product Parameter 45 degree surgical high handpiece
light With fiber optic/LED/without light
Head Micro/standard/super torque
Spray Single water spray
Chuck type Push button
Material Stainless steel
Max speed 320,000RMP
Connection 2 /4/6 hole
Noise ≤65db
Connector E-type

Quick coupling high speed handpiece

High speed quick coupling handpiece by professional technical engineer design, power, good stability. Working with the doctor’s hand flexible rotation. Excellent design provides good grip for the doctor. Easier to use.

Safe, fast, high quality, so that patients experience pleasure, to ensure efficient treatment doctors.

A variety of quick coupling high speed handpiece are available

Connect the quick coupling high speed handpie, which can rotate 360 ° freely during operation

The lightweight design reduces the operation fatigue

Easy disassembly, improve work efficiency and customer experience

Product Parameter

Product Parameter Quick coupling high speed handpiec
Type Kavo/Nsk type
Light With fiber optic
Head Micro/standard/torque
Spray 3 hole water spray
Chuck type Push button
Material Stainless steel
Speed 360,000-380,000RMP
Connection 4/6 hol
Noise ≤58db



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