X-ray machine

X-ray machine

Compact in volume ,light in weight .convenient for carrying

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What is the use of the digital sensor of the dental X-ray machine

The digital sensor of dental X ray machine is a digital imaging system used with  X ray machine dental.

It replaces the traditional imaging method of film imaging and becomes the mainstream of dental imaging in the current market.
roson provides digital sensors for dental X-ray machines, which are suitable for different styles of dental x ray machine price

When in use, the operator plugs the USB interface of the digital sensor into the computer, puts the probe end in the patient’s mouth, and aims at the teeth to be photographed.

After the portable x ray machine is exposed, the sensor receives the X-rays and converts them into images that are displayed on the computer.

The operator can view the images in real time, make a diagnosis for the patient as soon as possible, and reduce the time for doctors and patients to seek medical treatment.

Product Description

Characteristics of the portable dental x ray machine
1. No protective operation rooms needed when installing the complete machine.
2. Flexible adjustment the position and angle of hand piece, simple and easy to handle.
3. Develop dental film in daylight. no darkroom needed.
4. Compact in volume ,light in weight .convenient for carrying
5. Time is adjustable, high contrast of picture imaging in focus.
Radiation leakage is in accordance with international standard

Technical Specification :

Power : DC16.8V
Tube Voltage :70KV
Tube Current :1MA
Frequency : 80KHz
Focus Point : 0.3MM
Time of Exposure : 0.5-9s (0.05-1.2s)
Radiation Leakage : < 20μ gy/h
Rated Power : 60w


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