Dental scaler


Dental scaler

Health tooth care and easy to sovle dental problems

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How to use a dental scaler

Hold the dental scaler with the pen and find a stable spot in your mouth.

It is necessary to keep the long axis of the working head parallel to the long axis of the tooth body, the working head and the tooth surface should be as close as possible, and the angle between the working head and the tooth surface should be about 15°.

The working head should always keep moving on the tooth surface. Be careful not to hurt the gums. When the working head touches the calculus, use vertical or oblique movements to make the calculus fall off. If the working head is stuck between the teeth, stop the machine immediately. , and gently withdraw in the direction of the abduction gap.

If porcelain teeth are worn or teeth are under restoration, do not allow the head to move over these restorations when adjacent teeth have restorations.

When cleaning around the gums, the side of the working tip is moved back and forth gently along the gingival margin, and slowly moved down, with the firmer part of the end of the working head extending into the periodontal pocket, and slowly sticking along the teeth Move the tooth surface for 30-60 seconds.

During use, if the vibration of the working head is found to be weakened, check whether the working tip is tightened.

After using the tooth cleaner, the gums may bleed. Generally, the gums will bleed within a week after brushing, but they will recover on their own. If the situation does not change, consult a dentist.

What is the function of the tooth cleaning machine

The use of a dental scaler is a common way of cleaning teeth in stomatology. It is mainly aimed at symptoms such as tooth pigmentation and calculus or plaque accumulation.

After teeth cleaning treatment, it can restore the original color of the teeth, improve the breath, and make the teeth become healthier. In daily life, you should pay attention to your oral hygiene, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth with salt water after meals, and do not eat hard food.


Material entrance grade silicone + plastic
Use environment room temperature
Applicable people Adult
Style rechargeable (built-in battery)
Product size 190*30.5*20.5mm
Product weight 53g
Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated current 200 mA
Standby current ≤20ua
Battery specification 300 mAh
Power adapter 5V 500 mA
Charging time less than 2 hours
Motor noise less than 60 decibels
Service life more than 1 year
Color pink, blue





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