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RX11 X-ray film

RX11 X-ray film

  • Model: RX11
  • Specifiction: 30x40mm, (adult film)
  • This film is esed take X-ray picture for teeth. The smooth side to the X-ray when shooting.
  • The lip-chrrk side is markly by a convex point in order to distinguish the left from the right one.


Developing Condition:

1) Machines Development 3-5minutes.
2) Maunal Development: 18-20, Developing time 2 minutes, Fixing 4 minutes, Watercean 5 minutes.
The film should be stored in cool and dry place and kept from any erosions b eradiative materials and harmful checmical gases. The best place; Temterature 5-20 relative bumidity: 60%
This film should be open under safe(red)light in dark room.
Exp: Two years.
Condition of shooting X-ray (for reference only).
Exposure time in seconds.

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