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KLT-6220 S6
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KLT-6220 S6

Comfort and safety :

S6 dental unit provides the experience of safety and comfrot to dentist and patient.Chair move system is equipped with a chair-instrument lock,preventing accidental chair movement during the useof instrument.Warm water makes the rinsing more comffortable thanks to the built-in heating for cup filler.Rotable right armrest is convenient for patient enter/exit,helps to stabilize the position of patient,while providing a more secure feeling.

Smart control and easy to use :

Controls for all functions are intuitive and within easy reach.Ergonomic control panels on both dentist and an assistant unit allow astreamliebd workflow.All the main functios can be pre-programed.Positioning of the patient with the foot or the touchless panel is simple,fast and ergonomic.Chair returns automatically to the last working position with just a press of a button.


Standard Configurations

3-way syringe(cold/hot)l 2sets
Powerful suction device 1set
Saliva ejector 1set
Dentists Stool (RS-S7) 1set
Sensing LED dental light 1set
Warm water system 1set
Pure water supply system 1set
Rotatable ceramic spittoon 1set
High quality motor 1set
Multifunctional Asistant control 1set
LED x-ray viewer 1set
Three memory posistion function 1set





Healthy LED light

·Comfort and easy operation
·Multi-angle rotating to meets different requires
·Detachable handle is autoclavable
·Touchless on/off, stepless intensity control

High power and high color rendering LED are more concentrate to the oral cavity while they are no uncomfortable light to the patient’s eyes. They are also good to the health of the dentist work long hours under the lamp


Eifficient & compact workflow

Dentist table can be quickly positioned by ergonomically handle. Compact workflow design ensures dentist reach instruments, table and touch panel with less time. Pre-positions for up gradation preparation


·Touchless control panel
·5* instrument positions, pre-position for built-in scaler or E-motor
·Separate cooling water regulating valve
·Silicon rubber mat, autoclavable
·Dentist table: 402*300mm


Optimized for fout-hand operation

Flexible swiveling and compact workflow assistant unit easy to reach, provide more space for assistant working closely with dentist and patient at all time.


·Touchless control panel
·3-way syringe(warm water)
·Silicon rubber suction handle,regulable
·External suction filter
·Pre-position for built-in curing light

·Central suction system(option)



Enioy the optimized space

S6 chair lowest position 380mm, easily get into / out for senior and child patient. Ergonomically designed backrest and flexible adjusting chair height ensures the max. comfortable tre


·Synchronized chair movement, soft start/stop
·2 armrests, rotatable right armrest
·4-way foot control
·Hygiene foot pad
·Master switch for air, water and power
·2 preset chair positions
·3 programmable positions
·Lowest chair position: 380mm


Comfortable stool makes you relax

·Ergonomically shaped upholstery
·Flexible backrest support
·Wide casting aluminum base
·Smart moving nylon wheel 

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