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KLT-6220 C2

KLT-6220 C2

  • Optionals:
  • High speed dental handpiece
  • Low speed dental handpiece
  • Fiber optical dental handpiece
  • Endoscope system
  • Built-in Scaler
  • Built-in curing light
  • Electronic micro motor


Standard configurations

Warm water system 1 set
High quality motor 2 sets
Aluminum alloy lifting platform 2 sets
Red apple LED light with sensor on/off 1 set
Constant temperature warm water system 1 set
Pure water supply system 1 set
3-way syringe(cold/hot) 2 sets
Rotatable and removeable ceramic spittoon 1 set
Dental Handpiece tubes 1 set
Shell assistant 1 set
Kangroo patient chair 1 set
Elephant water element 1 set
Saliva ejector 1 set
High quality suction tube 1 set








Patient Chair(Kangroo)

Water Unit

1.Rotatable & Detachable ceramic spittoon

2.Programmable cup filler and spittoon rinsing system

3.Constant temperature warm water system

4.Pure water supply system


Dentist table(Shell)



Assistant Unit(Shell)

1.3-way syringe(warm water)

2.Silicon rubber suction handle,regulable

3.Pre-position for built-in curing light

4.Central suction system(option)


Water element(Elephant)


KLT6220-C1 14

LED light with sensor on/off(Red apple)


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